Bad day

Wow I’m feeling a bit fragile right now. Bad week and my first strangely personal negative comment on my post on antidepressants. Don’t really want to start a dialogue with this person, I know how nasty people can be on the internet. That’s life I suppose! I’m not a punch bag, I’m a person with feelings and I want to talk about my experience because I know how many times I’ve been comforted by others talking of their experiences. I want to help but I also want to get better, if I get many more negative comments I am just giving up because it’s not worth it. I do not need it. I am suffering and I need to surround myself with good and get rid of the bad. So anything else and, poof I’m gone!

Maybe I have been a bit naive and trusting of people. Maybe I’ve gone searching for an output in the wrong places. Maybe I’m not secure enough to put myself out here. Maybe I just stop now. I don’t need it and I don’t deserve it, no one deserves to be criticised like that. I have done nothing, I have hurt no one. The only person who is suffering is myself. What part of that person is helping anyone?


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