This post is an excuse to laugh at Armando Iannucci videos

Today I faced a ridiculous moral dilemma when I was walking past a high school. As happens quite often a football had been kicked over the top of the fence and the boys wanted it back. I was happening to walk past at this time and so they yelled at me to throw it back. Being half deaf and a bit woozy from a blood test this morning (I’m a squeamish person with a possible underactive thyroid) I wasn’t too thrilled to be yelled at by some kids as I’m walking home. Also I’m shit at throwing, catching, kicking, everything sporty. When I was at school I got used to being yelled at and I was also terrorised by boys playing football so I reckoned one less football could save a poor soul like me from such terrors. I ignored them and winced as they threw various strange insults at me (wank-whore anyone?) Still I’m plagued by thoughts: was this the right thing to do? It wasn’t nice and it wasn’t pleasant but if I had thrown the ball back, assuming I’d be able to throw it over the fence, would it make them grow into nice, pleasant, kind young men? How can I expect people to be kind if I’m not nice and kind all the time to everyone? Do you think those kids are wondering the same thing right now? Am I agonising over something completely inconsequential?

Anyway the upshot of this whole thing was it made me think of that sketch above which is always good.


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