August goals

I have a strange relationship with August. I love the spring and early summer but round about where August rolls around I start to think about winter and the long dark nights ahead. It’s a bit bizarre and results in me feeling a bit glum in brilliant, life-affirming sunshine. Last year I spent a lot of August very miserable indeed so this year, I’m taking a cue from Rachel’s monthly intentions and setting some goals for myself this late summer.

  • Take 2-3 yoga classes a week to give me some inspiration and broaden my home-practicing yoga mind
  • Prettify this blog, make it a nice, uplifting place with much pictures and quotes
  • Learn some kundalini kriyas
  • Start reading all my self improvement books
  • Continue my morning pranayama
  • Sketch and doodle everyday
  • Read more uplifting, life-enriching blogs and less aspirational, healthy living blogs
  • Blog 4-5 times a week
That seems do-able and a good place to start me off. Let’s see how I do.

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