Half finished paintings are the hardest

Half finished painting


4 thoughts on “Half finished paintings are the hardest

  1. not to say i don’t have painting that aren’t or haven’t stayed unfinished 😉 but, sometimes, i’ve “finished” a painting that really, if i’d accepted the look and style, really was…

    • Yes it’s a tricky one deciding when a painting’s finished. Sometimes I’ve been enamored with a painting that is just the bare bones but then other times I show someone a painting I think is finished and they ask if I’m going to do any more on it! Makes me think of Turner’s ‘abstract’ pictures, the argument about whether they are really abstract or just unfinished.

      • good point ’bout unfinished or abstract

        i took an 6 wk evening class back ’round 2000 in austin, and there was this one student who always felt stuck at a certain point in her work, couldn’t decide how to finish it

        for me, her work was most beautiful and moving when at that stage, but she was determined to “finish” the piece, and i could see she was indeed learning to put more finished detail into it

        never did see her again, so i don’t know if she ever reached another shore with her finishing attempts, and got an even more beautiful moving work than at the stage i liked, but that’s part of the artist’s way, deciding where art has been reached, and when it’s time to lay the brush down –

        it’s something i still struggle with at times, which, for now, i’m gonna take as a good sign i’m still kicking and learning 😉

      • That’s a nice story. Iit’s true it’s up to the artist to decide when it’s finished, it’s at times like that I wish I wasn’t the artist!
        By the way I finished the painting and it was pretty painless!

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