Week 3: Moving Toward Balance with Rodney Yee

Ah it’s week 3 already! My time with Rodney is flying by. It’s pretty tough relinquishing control of my yoga practice. When this is over I’ve promised myself that I will allow myself to do whatever I want. I have to say I’m really looking forward to it.

Having said that this week has been the most enjoyable week so far. The reason: backbends! I love backbending. I always feel so joyful and free and my spine feels amazing after backbends. Even better, a lot of the backbends were passive. As in I just got to lie there for a couple of minutes and then change position and lie in that new way for a couple of minutes. Fantastic!

There was one day in particular that involved a repetition of a supported bridge pose (setu bandhasana) with a block at its highest under the sacrum, a reclined heros pose (supta virasana) and lots of short holds of camel (ustrasana) I was in heaven!

However I did have a couple of not-so-fantastic moments. Day one was the usual prop fest. Yoga should not involve so much clearing up afterwards! Does anyone else find it hard to let go in shavasana if they know they have to put away multiple blocks, bolsters and straps afterwards?

There was also a pose which got my goat, but in a good way. A modified fish pose (matsyasana) with a block lengthways under the shoulder blades. That’s not a fantastic description. I took a photo but I cannot post it for the following reasons: I’ve lost the cable so it remains stuck in my camera and I have a very large ribcage which makes the photo look indecent. Maybe that explains my uncomfortableness in the pose. You’re supposed to use a strap to hold the arms together but I couldn’t find a way to put it that didn’t make my arms go numb. My arm bones are a funny shape apparently. This pose felt bizarre. Having a block (also the blanket felt too rigid) under the boniest part of my back just felt wrong. As in hard to breathe properly wrong. A couple of times I freaked out and had to come out early. Fish pose used to have that effect on me but not for a long time now so this is interesting. It’s definitely one to put in my regular practice but god it’s cruel!

So not too many insights this week! I’ve noticed this with my depression-symptom diary which I do daily. If it’s a bad day I’ll write pages and pages describing the nuances of my bad feelings but a good day frequently sees me reassuring my boyfriend when I get out my diary “this won’t take long, I had a good day today”. I wonder why this is.


2 thoughts on “Week 3: Moving Toward Balance with Rodney Yee

  1. yes! i also like it when i get “…to lie there for a couple of minutes and then change position and lie in that new way for a couple of minutes. Fantastic!” –

    i haven’t tried those new kind of blocks called eggs (the ads say they’re firm but softer and more contoured for the body) but i’d like to, sometimes a regular rectangular block just seems too hard edged

    anyways, always the interesting post 😉 thanks brija

    • I’ve seen adverts for those in Yoga Journal but I don’t actually know if they’re available where I live. Maybe worth a try, blocks are very useful.

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