Week 5: Moving toward balance with Rodney Yee

I haven’t been wanting to post on here. Partly because I’ve got out of the habit and partly because I’ve been painting painting painting painting. Look…

I have been loving it too, when I haven’t felt so brain dead I forget what brushes do. So that’s for the first 30 minutes of painting then…

When I haven’t been painting I have been mostly doing yoga and cooking. I haven’t been doing much of my Artist’s Way but I do want to pick it up again. In the meantime here is my long overdue recap of week 5 of Moving toward balance.

Inversions this week! Pretty exciting. I have to say I don’t really understand the term ‘inversions’ as a class of poses. I am sceptical of the benefits that are attributed to them, the reversal of time for instance. The studio I go to is very keen on having at least one inversion in every class, even when they don’t have a single standing pose or backbend. Personally I have found this strange, I mean a headstand is a very different animal from a shoulderstand and when they announce a headstand at the end of a class I’m ready to kill! I just don’t have the energy to wrestle with that blasted pose then.

But this week is not about the headstand, just the handstand and shoulderstand. I have been competent with the shoulderstand for about 2 years. I did have a shaky start when it terrified the hell out of me, bizarre I know. Handstand is still a complete unknown to me. I have tried some half-hearted hops every now and again, usually in the classes where everyone is very keen to do handstands. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to do it but I just don’t think I’m ready.

This week was perfect for me. The handstand in a doorframe was a revelation! No fear at all and the most amazing feeling in my arms and shoulders afterwards. I just couldn’t stop doing it! I highly recommend it if you’re scared of handstands like me. I’m relieved to see another handstand prep Rodney likes, the walking your legs up the wall, is a lot easier than it has been when I’ve tried it before. I must be a lot stronger now.

So the week was fun, lots of handstand prep, standing poses and backbends. I can find myself getting more and more acclimatised to going upside down and putting weight in my hands. Still nowhere near to doing a handstand against the wall though… but I’ll keep trying!

I was surprised at the lack of emphasis on the shoulderstand. There was a lot of shoulderstands against the wall, which to be honest I didn’t see the point of. You only do a full shoulderstand in first and last days of the asanas and then it’s only 30 seconds! Bizarre. I was disappointed because I’ve been wanting to work on my shoulderstand and thought it would be incorporated into the course. Extra-curricular activity for me then! I recently got a fantastic adjustment in shoulderstand and realised that my legs were waaaay too far over my head and nowhere near vertical. This shocked me and I corrected it but now I find it is so much harder to hold! Need to work on that too.

So much to do!


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