Clawing my way back

There’s a lot of things I haven’t been doing for the past couple of weeks: posting here, going to yoga classes, painting, doing the Artist’s Way, keeping my diary up to date, running, walking, enjoying things…

I had a triple whammy. A friend from university (I say ‘a’ friend, but I really mean my only university friend) finally did what he’s been threatening to do for a while and visited with one of his friends. So that meant exhausting trips out, pub lunches, getting rained on, eating fatty food, drinking too much and then not getting enough sleep. I enjoyed it but it was a bit much for my delicate system. I was drained by the time they left but willing to take a few days off to rest and recover. My body had other plans.

I got a cold.

I mean I got an old-style badass cold with the shivers, cutting sore throat, muscle aches, terrible fatigue and weakness. I basically was bed ridden for 3 days and 9 days later I still haven’t got back to my usual vibrant self.

So there’s two things, the third? The sadness, it descended on Sunday and has yet to leave me. It’s not surprising considering I haven’t been able to do much for 2 weeks that I usually do to help myself recover from the depression. I mainly just played Animal Crossing on the Wii (I’d do a link but my touchpad isn’t working) and I defy anyone who says that is a waste of time. It’s fantastic escapism for someone who hasn’t seen the real outside for days. If only I could have animal neighbours in real life… That might be preferable to my real human neighbours who seem to only want to collect rusting huge American cars in their gardens.

Anyway the thing that gets me some of my joie de vivre back is usually my well thought out routine. The problem is I don’t have one right now. The exercising is out because of the cold and the working is out because of the depression. To treat the cold I just have to wait, to treat the depression I have to… what? Run? Do lots of yummy yoga? But I can’t because of the lingering tiredness!

So I wait. Patience and it’ll be back soon, and so will I.


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