Getting There

Today is a strange day. Recently I have been wallowing a bit, between my rejection my sadness and various illnesses I haven’t had much energy or drive to devote to recovering. I’ve just been enduring for a lot of it, sometimes having energy enough to hope it’ll get better, sometimes having no hope but just going through the motions anyway because it’s easier. The past few days have been a bit better, more running, more painting and today I went back to see my counsellor. I hope I’m back on track.

I also feel I’m in a period of change. 2 years ago I started a series of paintings of the streets of my hometown. It’s been my first sustained set of paintings and has gone really well. I’ve had a bit of tunnel vision with it and part of me has wondered if I was ever going to get any new ideas.

I find that’s changing a bit now, I’m drawing more and I’m thinking more… free. I don’t know exactly where I want to go but I know I want to go somewhere. It’s hard to explain right now because it’s all in such an embryonic stage but I just… feel it. Maybe the winds have changed?

Anyway I liked this article about the link between artists and yogis. Now my yoga practice is great and a source of solace, of joy and of peace. Why can’t my painting practice be like that too?! Maybe a shift in mindset is due.


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