Is life ever easy?

I probably have more insights about the similarities between the practices of painting and yoga to share but right now I just wanted to ask:

Does life ever get easier? Or does it just involve accepting one bad thing after another?

So I (mainly) recover from depression. After 5 years I don’t wake up sad for no reason anymore. So the universe decides to give me reasons to be sad. The past few weeks have been very frustrating, hurtful and lonely for me. I’ve had to deal with tiredness, other people’s issues, realising that years of painting and work does not mean I will get support and help, not being invited to an old friend’s wedding, my parent’s inability to help me and a very rainy miserable birthday.

To counteract this I’m doing two things: I’m getting a couple of pet rats and I’m starting a morning yoga and meditation practice. I figure that I need something that will love me unconditionally and a morning practice will mean that I can start the day off mindfully and peacefully no matter what crap happens during the day.

I can find peace in whatever happens to me.


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