Tempting fate

I’m not superstitious (anymore) but I do find it strange that the day I consider how I would cope with intensive yoga teacher training if I were to catch a cold (quite likely because it’s scheduled for January) I catch a cold. A week later I’m still not better. This is my third sleepless night so far, I was up until half 4 coughing.

I was a sickly child who caught every virus going but since arriving in depressed adulthood I have only suffered from a handful of infections. So I had the label of “person who is always sick”, then “person who is never sick”… What do I call myself now?


5 thoughts on “Tempting fate

  1. “A regular person, who sometimes get sick.” Hugs! Hope you feel better soon! I got a cold when I did my yoga teacher training. I went anyway, and just did what I could without pushing myself. The yoga actually made me feel better. But take care of yourself today, and don’t worry too much about possible things that may or may not happen in the future, or about the yoga teacher training. You will do fine! What style of yoga is it?

    • Oh I know, I know. Worrying gets you nowhere. I have a new saying since getting depressed: I do what I can. That helps me not to get carried away with the worries. I’m getting trained in a general vinyasa style, nothing too specific. Being in an isolated place I don’t have too many options but vinyasa is what I practice so it works out. What style were you trained in?

      • I did the YogaFit training. Like you, I took it because it what was available, but then I ended up loving their style and especially their philosophy.

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