Yoga vs the Olympics

In the Grand Battle between practicing yoga and watching the Olympics, sadly the Olympics is winning. My evening practice has been slashed in half by my suddenly becoming attached to the tv and to the outcome of the handball match between Iceland and France. I’d never even heard of handball before! The novelty of having the Olympics live and in my own timezone has not worn off yet.

Also I have a pesky bad left wrist and a dodgy stiff right knee. So in some ways, I am an athlete too!


6 thoughts on “Yoga vs the Olympics

  1. in “many” ways you are an athlete too! 😉

    besides, i don’t see the olympics and yoga as being “totally” different, but rather with much much overlap; enjoy brija 😉

  2. I think challenging our preconceptions is a form of yoga too, so in a way you’re practising while watching the Olympics! 🙂 Handball is very, very big in (continental) Europe. I recently moved to Oz and found out there’s such a thing as Aussie football!!

    • Great, two birds with one stone! I know about Aussie football, but only because I spent a long long time watching Neighbours, not because I’m a big sports fan!

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