Morton’s Toe

Well it turns out I have Morton’s Toe. Should I be worried?


3 thoughts on “Morton’s Toe

  1. I have toes like that, too. I never worried about it, but I do have to wear orthotics. Never thought the two might be connected…

    My mother always told me that toes like that meant that you have blue blood. (We all had toes like that in my family!)

    • It might be connected, might not. The thing is probably just to work with what you’ve got. Are the orthotics for high aches or flat feet? I was thinking in connection with my back, my dad has the toes too and has terrible spinal curvature.
      I’ve never heard the blue blood thing! Apparently the Greeks thought they were a sign of beauty and wisdom. They’re common in Celtic groups so I think they’re quite common here.

      • Definitely a sign of beauty and wisdom! 😉

        Problems with the feet can definitely affect the whole body. I have problems with the metatarsal arch (the smaller arch just below the toes), and it was affecting both my feet and my knees.

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