Phases of the Moon

Today was my last Ashtanga class, my introductory course is now over. I have been exhausted today but I dragged myself to it and actually found some surprising peace within the practice before dragging myself home and collapsing on the sofa. Turned out I was not the only tired one there and I was told it was because it was the new moon yesterday. Now I would be the first one to dismiss this but is there anything in this idea? Do people get tired around the new moon and are filled with boundless energy at the full moon? It’s a nice idea and I would never dismiss the truth that our energy levels change with the placing of the sun, so maybe I should consider the phases of the moon more carefully.


2 thoughts on “Phases of the Moon

  1. Brija, congratulations on finishing your course!

    The phases of the moon are one of those things in nature that I am embarrassingly unaware of, living in a big city with lots of lights. I would like to be more aware of it–I think that it could affect us. Definitely the sun affects me. Oddly enough, that was what my blog post was about today.

    • Thanks! It’s quite a big deal because I haven’t committed myself to being somewhere for a couple of hours for 6 weeks in years. I even went when I didn’t want to.
      I’ve not been too aware of the moon, it’s hard to be in summer here because there’s only a few hours of night and I’m unconscious for them. I think I might try to track my moods at the full and new moon, just for interest’s sake.

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