WordPress has just told me that I have had 4 views today from my home country… the very last place I would want any views at all. I am sincerely hoping it was just registering me but I don’t tend to visit my own blog.

It does scare me because anonymity is important to me. Not because I write anything incriminating but because I didn’t want to feel inhibited by wondering if people who google my name to look for my paintings also find this blog. This is my recovery blog, my outreach into the world from a time when I was just trying to find my voice.

This month it’s been challenging to write everyday (kinda why I called it the August Blogging Challenge) but it’s also been very rewarding. I don’t think I will be keeping up the writing everyday because even though I’m not exactly running out of things to write about I do find it hard to find the time to devote to each topic to give it enough substance. And elegant sentences.

One day I do hope to make this blog non-anonymous. Maybe when I’m teaching. But not for now, I like my safety.


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