About Me

This is me, coyly licking a knife.

I am Brigid (also known as Brija for this blog), I’m 25, I’m a yogi, I’m a painter and I’ve been suffering from depression for the best part of 5 years. This blog is about living with and recovering from depression using yoga, meditation, gardening, food, insights and humour.

I go by the pseudonym Brija for a couple of reasons. Firstly it’s because I came across the sanskrit word bija. Bija is the sanskrit for seed or root. As in the seed from which things grow. As you can probably tell I’m very into my plant imagery and I tried to fit this word into a blog-friendly form. Alas it would not go so instead I decided to stick an ‘r’ in it and call myself it. Handily it’s almost my real name but not quite so I get to almost go by my name but also keep a certain amount of anonymity. I have an unusual name and I live in a small, unusual place. Everyone deserves a bit of space do they not? This is my bit of internet space where I get to write and say my piece. Welcome!

The British Isles- Brija style!

I live in Europe, in the set of islands in the West of Europe, in the East Atlantic known as the British Isles. As a further tool of anonymity I will rarely name the specific island where I live so I have come up with my own handy visual guide. It’s situated to the left.


7 thoughts on “About Me

    • That’s very kind of you to offer. Unfortunately I try to keep facebook at arm’s length to help my recovery. The people I am friends with are not always the enlightened souls I need right now! I don’t have a twitter account either, do you find twitter a good tool?

  1. that might be very wise re fb 😉 i waited many months, and watched some of my more favored sites, to see how they handled it, to decide to try it – it’s been worthwhile to see so far, nothing dramatic, but a good too for me, for now 😉

    twitter if much more efficient, requiring less work, less words, yet has gotten me a fair amt of response on a fairly regular basis; again, nothing dramatic, but useful tool also

    there’s an artist/photographer/blogger friend of mine, greta, in austin (she’s also been the president of austin’s creative arts society when i lived there) and she has a nice site that offers social networking info etc, very reliable, creative, and dependable lady

    she’s at : http://flourishsocialmedia.wordpress.com/

    twitter does offer an option where only people you screen, would see your tweets, etc, but i’m not familiar with exactly how it works, greta should though

    i’ll put some tweets out on your posts for a few days, and see if anyone notices

    some days mine draw attention, some days not much

    take care brigid, talk w/you more later 😉

    • Thank you! I am still around, just not as vocal as I was. I still follow your blog and journey keenly, it’s wonderful to see someone else going down the same path, and with such commitment!

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