First post: introductions

Let’s start at the very beginning… I’m Brija (not my real name but near enough), I’m 25, I’m a painterĀ , I’m a yogi(ni if you’re being gender specific), I’m a philosophy graduate, I’m unemployed, I’m a cat lover, and I’ve been suffering from depression for the best part of 5 years.

Like so many others I’ve wanted to start a blog as an outlet, a way to tell my story. I’ve been an avid reader of blogs and once upon a time I even one myself. I struggled then, being 15 with nothing to say and crippled by a fear of not saying/doing the right thing. Now I’m older, wiser and sadder: ample material to choose from!

This blog will, hopefully, help me through the strange territory of recovering from depression. And I have been recovering in earnest for a year or so now, with the potent combination of yoga, mindfulness, self-compassion, meditation, painting, exercising, living in a gorgeous place and eating well. This space I hope will be a place to share my story, past and present.

Here goes…